They say media exposure is always a good thing, regardless of the type of exposure it is.  Personally, I’d prefer that all of mine comes from positive reasons, and so far, that’s the case.  Stay tuned to see if that changes 🙂


Video Broadcast Interviews
July 2015

    Annie Cushing and I were guests on an Authority Labs G+ Hangout where the topic was SEO audits

November 2014

    During Pubcon Vegas 2014, SEJ’s John Rampton interviewed me on the importance of SEO audits

January 22, 2014

    Copypress Google+ Panel Discussion on Guest Blogging and how it’s changed since Matt Cutts announcement about low quality guest blogging being no longer tolerated.

April 29, 2013

    Blogcast.FM’s Srinivas Rao interviewed me for’s new SEO in 2013 Video series

January 10 2013

    MaxImpact Google+ Hangout on SEO audits where Steve Webb and I were the guests and we spent over an hour answering questions about what goes into the audit process

January 4 2013

    Google Webmaster Central Helpdesk guys asked me to come back a second full hour (see first interview from June of 2012 below) to answer questions about SEO – this time the focus was on the concept of Forensic SEO.

June 15 2012

    Google Webmaster Central Helpdesk guys interviewed me during their recently launched weekly hour long Google+ Hangouts show that was both live within a Google+ Hangout and broadcast through YouTube for those people not signed in to Google+.  A whole range of SEO and search engine related questions were discussed during this hour-long show.
The first 30 minutes of the show I answered a series of questions, then the second half of the show it opened up to more of a Q & A Panel where a number of us participated.NOTE – Jump to the 2 Minute 27 second mark to skip past the pre-show setup


Written Interviews

May 20, 2015 Arsen Rabinovich over at TopHatRank interviewed me on #EpicDinner, the future of SEO and more

September 19, 2013 Terralever Post where I answer the question “Where will SEO be in 5 years?”

July 4, 2012 A very different and candid interview of me conducted by David Wiseman from Kahena Digital

June 26, 2012 Melissa Fach interviewed me regarding my recent change from Director of Search at Click2Rank back to Consultant and asked me to provide some tips on changing jobs for Search Engine Journal’s readers

June 26, 2012 Stuart McHenry from McKremie interviewed me regarding core concepts related to on-site factors in the SEO Audit process

April 2, 2012 Kirsten Wright interviewed me in the first of a five part series of interviews where she asked different experts to describe one way businesses can improve their social media strategy

October 18, 2011 Laura Cairns-Crest interviewed me to discuss SEO Copywriting for

March 22, 2011 Third Party SEO Verification article by Klaus Junginger on ComputerWorld Brazil – where I was one of four interviewees (Link is to Norwegian translation to English version)

October 29, 20105Questions Answered by Alan Bleiweiss – SEO Audits, Websites, and more by Melissa Falch at SEO Aware

August 14 2010 OnSite SEO Expert Interview by Elise Redlin Cook at Vertical Measures

May 13 2010 Common Online Business Mistakes – One of six interviewees in this article by Melissa Falch at SEO Aware


Podcast Interviews

May 26, 2011 Special 2 Hour Edition of Webcology on SEO Ethics & Self Regulation – during which I face off against Ben Cook, Steve Gerenscer, David Harry, Anthony Verre and Terry Van Horn (thanks to Jim Hedger and Brasco for giving us two full hours!)

February 16, 2011Regulators Search news w/ me as a guest on the JCPenney issue & the latest Long Tail dust-up (@ 21 minutes into the show)

August 17 2010 Short Webmaster Radio Interview by Jim Hedger On-Location at SES San Francisco

April 29 2010 Controversy in Search (Jump to 28:30 in the podcast) Round-table interview on Webcology

April 14 2010 SEM Synergy interview on Client Expectation Management (Jump to 13:30 in the podcast) by Virginia Nussey


Twitter Chat Interviews

October 27, 2011 Summary of an SEO Chat on Google Analytics Changes with myself, Tony Verre, and Rhea Drysdale


NOTE – the chat content below can be challenging to follow because they’re streaming chat sessions with lots of people commenting, replying, retweeting and generally maintaining dialogue during the entire hour.

March 28, 2011 Social Chat transcript – the actual chat starts 1 hour after the transcript.  Also, disregard the time stamps – they’re GMT even though they say all times are Pacific

September 9 2010 SEO Chat Interview transcript – the transcript started several hours before the chat – you have to jump down to where it says September 10th for the actual beginning of the live session



In June of 2008 I was invited to be a guest on Entrepreneur Hour with Nance Rosen – a show geared toward business owners and managers. I was scheduled to be one of two guests – each having half the show. It went so well though, that Nance kept me on for close to the whole show… three of the four segments. (poor guy who followed!)

Listening Note:

In each segment below, there’s a commercial break – when that happens, the rest of the audio for that segment is the show’s commercials, so at that point you can skip to the next MP3.

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