Top SEO Clients

This page contains a summary listing of some of our biggest SEO specific client projects, based on site type, showing the scale of these sites.

For a more comprehensive list of clients we’ve served through the years, visit our main clients page.


Site Pages Indexed Notable Facts

Petco 149 million Forensic site audit & Site Revamp Consulting 34 million Forensic site audit 28 million Forensic site audit & Site Relaunch Consulting

Mashable 20 million Forensic site audit

BestRide 20 million Forensic site audit & Follow up Consulting

Top 5 business Directory (Stealth Client) 119 million Forensic site audit

NBC/Universal Not disclosed Stealth Project

NBC/Universal 228,000 SEO consultant for E!Entertainment Television’s web site redesign

NBC/Universal 2.5 million Outside auditor & consultant to G4TV’s in-house SEO team (ongoing engagement)

Disney Interactive 800,000 Audits on three Disney owned family sites

Game Show Network (GSNTV) Stealth Outside contsulting to GSNTV’s Director of Digital Marketing

Manta 18 million Forensic Site Audit 48 million Ranked among the 200 most visited sites worldwide

TheFreeDictionary 5 million Ranked among the top 3 dictionaries online, with over 20 million unique visitors and 80 million page views a month.

Information Portal 250,000 Ranked among the 1,000 most visited sites worldwide.

Information Portal 200,000 The most well recognized brand name in its market in North America.

Information Portal 30,000 8 million visits and 26 million page views in 2010.

Rentals 4 million One of the top 2 rental sites in North America.

Online Retailer 100,000 #1 site in its market with over $50 million in sales in 2010.

Online Retailer 50,000 #1 site in its market. $130 million sales in 2010.

Regional Professional Services 1,000 #1 ranked site in its region. Each new client valued between $3 million & $10 million.

Regional Real Estate 90,000 $2.5 billion in revenue in 2010.

Stationery 5,000 pages #2 site in its market, up from #5 pre-audit implementation.


Note: Client site names not listed based on non-disclosure agreements.  For a full list of client projects we have worked on through the years where we can reveal site names, please visit our more comprehensive client list.