SEO Audit Case Study – Panda Recovery Holy Grail

Since Google’s Panda Update first hit in early 2011, I have had the fortune to have been called upon by several site owners whose site had been negatively impacted by one or more of the various Panda updates.  I’m also very proud of the fact that for every client who went on to implement my ensuing action plan recommendations, I’ve currently got a 100% track record in helping them recover.

The first such Panda-specific SEO audit I performed was back in May of 2011, shortly after Panda 2.0 rolled out.  This particular client lost half their organic search based traffic overnight.  From an average of 25,000 organic search visits a day down to half that.

The results that have come thanks to the client implementing every single recommendation I made in my strategic audit, have been, to say the least, mind-bogglingly stellar.

SEO Audit Case Study Data

As you can see from the chart above, every SEO metric has gone through the roof since my audit went into action mode. We’re talking about a site with close to 17,000 pages of content that got hit by Google’s Panda update primarily around the issues of “thin content” (especially “perceived” thin content) and User Experience.

For all intents and purposes, the site is (and even back then was) a quality site as far as the overall content being highly relevant to a niche market focus, yet where that site was “perceived” to be of low quality and low value as seen through the Google Panda lens.

Issues addressed in my audit for this site cover the range of SEO concepts

  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Topical Focus
  • Topical Depth
  • Link Profile Footprint

And once the initial strategic SEO audit was done, there was a great deal of tactical audit work that followed, accompanied by a great deal of implementation.

Given how much improvement has occurred consistently over such a long period, I felt it appropriate to write a case study on the process I use in all of my SEO audits, as well as the issues, findings and takeaways I can offer from this specific site’s audit.

If you would like to read the full Case Study, I invite you to do so. – I’ve posted it via my column at Search Engine Journal.

Be forewarned however – it’s over 3200 words long.  Though it does include several screen shots, charts and other visuals, so there’s at least that!

Here’s the link to the Post Panda Recovery Holy Grail 1 Year Case Study.

And once you’ve read the case study, if you’re interested in finding out how I can help you with your site’s SEO needs, please contact me and let me know.