SEO Audit Pricing

Are you ready to take your site to the next level? If so, the only question is how much help you need in evaluating where weaknesses exist and then how to resolve them.

How much does an SEO audit cost?  

The cost of an audit will depend on whether it’s for an information based site or an eCommerce based site.  It’s also going to depend on the size and complexity of situation as well.

Here’s our standard audit tasking chart followed by our current cost chart to help you choose the right audit plan for your needs…

SEO Audit Tasking Chart

SEO Audit Cost Chart

*Page Count: Page count based on site: estimation

^Local /Social: Evaluations will be included if relevant to your site

Penalties: Additional fee may apply based on existing Google penalties

Additional Domains / Subdomains: Additional costs may be added to the core price of a site audit if other client owned sites / subdomains are integral to main site and will depend on the number of additional sites / subdomains and the scale of that additional presence.

UP-FRONT Discount: All clients who pay in full, up front, receive a 10% discount



But what about all those companies offering a free SEO site audit?

Ah yes – some companies, even some reputable companies, offer free audits.  We no longer do so for several reasons.  First, we’re not just going to do a cursory review of your site in less than an hour.  It’s going to take at least several hours of our time.  Perhaps 10, 20 or more hours!

Would YOU expend significant hours of your work week for free, with the end goal of handing someone the step by step road map to their ultimate success in business?

And since this is both an audit and a step by step action plan to improved results, you’re not limited to who does the implementation.  Whether it’s an in-house team or an outside vendor, our role after delivery of the audit findings will be a limited consulting situation.

This also ensures that our recommendations are not biased toward generation of even more income to us.  The information we provide can be exponentially valuable to your business, and we don’t force you into paying us ongoing revenue percentages.

There will be clear, concise directives included in the audit so you don’t need to rely upon us except on an infrequent basis – instead, we’re empowering you with knowledge and clarity of focus you typically won’t find in a free audit.

The only question left, then, is, are you ready to achieve the goals you hope to online? Contact Us Today to get started!