Multimedia and the Thin Content Issue

Thin Content Multimedia Hurts SEO

One issue that comes of frequently in my forensic audit work (especially on news and informational sites) is how multimedia pages all too often have little to no content in the form of descriptive, crawlable HTML text. Examples of such pages most often include videos, infographics, photo galleries, and interactive charts. Publishers all too often,…
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Conversion Rates Matter More than Visits

Sure, it’s helpful quite often, to get increases to site visits through better SEO. (And this post doesn’t advocate to NOT want that….) More visits are what everyone initially thinks of SEO as being about most of the time when they first get past higher rankings… What if I told you it’s worthless in many…
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Google Penguin Update! Stahp Already!

Google Penguin Update - Stahp Already!

Here we are, another day, another client email asking my thoughts on whether Google might be rolling out Penguin… Why did this, otherwise highly intelligent, quite capable client ask? Because sites he generally trusts for information about SEO have once again recently posted nonsense about Google being ready or likely to be rolling out Penguin….
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Forensic SEO and Web Tech Expert Witness Victory

Over the past several years, I’ve been hired by various companies to perform forensic investigations in regard to SEO, analytics, and domain ownership issues.  In each case, my work has been able to help my clients quickly resolve legal cases and avoid costly and time consuming court proceedings. False Evidence Appearing Real – Until I…
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My Top 40 Favorite SEO Audit Tools & Resources List

Over One Billion Pages Audited

300 site audits. That’s a rough estimate of the total number of SEO audits I have performed over the past few years.  Comprising more than one billion indexed pages. This list is designed as a reference to anyone wanting to improve their audit process. While countless resources exist to help you do the work of…
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Realistic Google Recovery Expectations

No Google Penalty Recovery In Sight

Given the fact that I specialize in forensic SEO audits, it’s not unusual for site owners and managers to come to me for help in recovering from a Google penalty or algorithmic losses. The heaviest question to me in recovery audit work is “How long before we recover?”, and then after work has been started…
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Google Panda & Killing Old Content – A Deeper Look

Google Panda Recovery Timeline

Since I do a lot of site audit work, I often have clients with extensive volumes of old content – typically blog posts, with some “news” articles in the mix.  With Google’s Panda algorithm focused in on quality considerations on-site, many client’s assume they have to kill all the old content, while many others who…
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Google Rel Author is Dead – Now What?

If you haven’t heard yet, Google’s John Mueller communicated today that they’ve killed off use of the rel=”author” tag most of us in the SEO community have been advocating since it first came on the scene, along with their use of author data in search results. If you want to learn more about it’s rise…
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