Vendor Referral Guidelines

We only refer clients to truly reputable and highly qualified companies.  However, everyone’s human, and from time to time, it’s possible that a job can just end up falling through the cracks.

To ensure this does not happen with clients we refer, we have established the following guidelines:

Depending on the services contracted, ensure that the contract stipulates any of the following items in combination for that situation:

  • Vendor will comply with recommendations as set forth in our audit implementation plan.
  • In the first ninety days of the contract period, Vendor will provide samples of actual content on the first several pieces they provide, if they are providing content
  • Such content is subject to your approval prior to placement
  • Vendor will provide detailed monthly reports
  • Reports will include list of links or sites where content will be placed prior to placement
  • Link and site list subject to your approval prior to placement
  • Reports will include list of links to locations where content has been placed
  • Reports will include description of any other action they plan on taking the following month
  • Reports will include description of actual action implemented
  • If the relationship goes smoothly and services are delivered as promised during that first ninety day cycle, your need to directly review content can be reduced to once every six months if you and Vendor agree that more frequent review/approval is now no longer necessary

The above guidelines are, of course, just that – guidelines.  If you wish to build upon them, or bypass any, that is your prerogative as site owner, and your right to negotiate directly with professional services vendors.