Sustainable SEO vs. Myopic SEO

Forget what you’ve heard about white hat SEO vs. black hat SEO.  Everything you thought you knew about SEO that involved either of those concepts is either based on misinformation, shiny object thinking, or an illusion.  In reality, it’s more important to understand the real concepts of sustainable SEO vs. Myopic SEO.

Sustainable Vs. Myopic

As an SEO audit Consultant, around the time Google rolled out their MayDay update ALan reached the conclusion no matter how much time people spent arguing about white hat this and black hat that, the underlying challenge of our industry was that most “experts”  kept missing the bigger picture. What may be considered white hat today could very well be a target of Google for having been abused by spammers to the point where that previously accepted technique is now a trigger for lost rankings, or even a manual penalty.  Something considered black hat could in fact, under certain circumstances, be perfectly valid and a legitimate marketing concept that goes beyond SEO…

SEO Requires Critical Thinking

SEO is not black and white.  It’s a much more complex world and reality.  Hundreds of factors go into SEO, and when those relate and cross-compare to each other, that adds up to thousands of permutations.  And with search engines making hundreds of changes and modifications to their algorithms every year, it becomes an overwhelming ocean of swirling waves, winds and tides.

Given the mass undertaking that is required to maximum value from search engine optimization, if you don’t get the bigger picture concepts, if you ignore the underlying principles that have always driven (and always will drive) the search engines in their thinking, you’re going to miss the mark.  When that happens, you’re more than likely going to see your site or your client sites hammered by a big search engine update, or maybe see your rankings go up and down and up and down in a yo-yo effect.

Myopic SEO

Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of people who “do SEO” don’t grasp the need for critical thinking in the process.  Instead, they take the short view, or the overly simplified view of the work of optimization. Those people who fit into this category are people I believer to be implementing myopic SEO.  – They’re not seeing the forest for the trees.  They’re missing out on key considerations. And that inevitably leads them to complaining in loud voices how evil Google is, or how unfair Google is, or how poorly Google and bing are at filtering out the garbage.

In reality, they’re not pausing long enough at vital points in the SEO process to apply critical thinking.  Or to really grasp the fact that the methods and tactics they’re using will very likely end up not working six months or a year from now.

Sustainable SEO

Where we have found our success in the more than eleven years as SEO consultants comes from three plus decades of diverse business management experience.  And what we learned from that was the vital need to get to the root concepts, the underlying logic in whatever business process our solutions relate to.  In turn, that has consistently led us to help clients stabilize their presence in organic search rankings and just as often, thrive where they previously flailed about, seemingly helpless to stay in search algorithm’s good graces.

Sustainable SEO is all about the long view.  It’s heart and soul is in the notion that if you do understand the underlying logic in search engine evaluation processes, and you’re able to envision how they’ll need to evolve over time, you are much more likely to be able to create a framework of stability in a site’s optimization strategy.

Sustainable SEO No Guarantee Yet Still Your Best Choice Solution

Unlike magic bullet thinking, sustainable SEO isn’t likely to instantly cure all that ails your site.  It’s not going to be guaranteed to withstand every change the search engines go through.  Not due to any flaw in it’s methodology.  Simply because sometimes it’s impossible to anticipate the direction a search quality team or an anti-spam team might take.

Yet sustainable SEO IS the best opportunity a site can employ to stabilize, and weather the storms ahead.  Our proven track record speaks for itself in this regard.  While it may now be more difficult and time consuming for sites to reach sustainability due to the severity of their past SEO methods, success is still possible.

So if you are tired of riding the Google wave, or you’re tired of doing the Google dance, or you’re fed up with spending thousand of dollars and not seeing significant organic search engine improvements,  contact us today and ask how sustainable SEO can help you and take your site to new levels…