SEO Training

NEW! Sustainable SEO Video Training Series!

I’ve just launched my first ever SEO video training series – “SEO – From Myopic to Sustainable”.  thirty three individual sessions comprising over four hours of insights, concepts, and guidance on how to transform your SEO in ways that will allow your site or your client’s sites to weather the ever changing search algorithm roller coaster.

Keep an eye on this page for the link to the training series. You WON’T want to miss it!


1 on 1 & Group Training

If you are looking for personalized training, either in person or remotely, I offer limited opportunities to personally teach you or your team SEO. Whether it’s basic, intermediate or advanced, allow my many years of success helping small, medium, and global enterprise clients succeed in the constantly volatile world of search engine optimization.

Learn more about how my custom tailored approach to SEO training can help you succeed.


SEO Guides & eBooks

After many years of working in the SEO trenches, followed by a few years where I’ve focused almost exclusively on performing forensic SEO audits, I’ve come out with an eBook and a Guide to help my own clients better do the work of SEO.  And both are now available to anyone wanting to take their skills and abilities to the next level.

In my Site Owners Guide to SEO for Content Writing (updated in 2014), I spell out over thirty actionable tasks to help site owners, content writers and site managers how to properly craft the most important fundamental aspects of SEO.

In my Site Managers Guide to Analytics and Site Health, I offer a host of specific data points and resources that allow you to focus on what matters when it comes to monitoring your site’s health from an SEO perspective.

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