Site Managers Guide to Analytics & Site Health – Beginner to Intermediate

Site Managers guide to Analytics & Site HealthHow often do you or your team find yourselves overwhelmed by all the data, tools and resources available for monitoring your web site?

How much importance do you even give to regularly monitoring key data and site health reports?

If you are just launching a brand new web site, or you’ve got a well established site, failing to monitor key data points on a regular basis can leave you vulnerable to missing out on tremendous opportunities.  Alternately, if you become overwhelmed by too much data, you can end up failing to take action on the most important issues and factors necessary for maximizing site value.

A Must-Have Training Resource for Site Health

The Site Managers Guide to Analytics & Site Health – Beginner to Intermediate, is a must-have resource for anyone who wants to finally get a handle on the most important data.  A simple to read 25 page how-to, this guide is designed first and foremost to educate.

In it, I walk you through Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools in a step by step process – focusing exclusively on those data points I have found to be most important to the overwhelming majority of site managers and site owners.

While there’s always more you can be learning, and always more you can be analyzing, this guide will get you going in the right direction.

A Handy Reference Guide

Once you or your team have learned which data points and reports to focus on consistently, this guide can then become a quick reference guide whenever you need to refresh yourselves.  And though the initial learning curve may take significant time up front, once you’ve mastered this guide, the ongoing routine monitoring of analytics and site health data points will become second nature.  So you really most likely won’t need to keep coming back to the guide.

Additional Resources & Tools

Once you have mastered the material in this guide, if you or your team want to take your site analytics and site health evaluation skills to the next level, I also include several recommendations to other tools and resources.  While there are many such resources out there, the ones I recommend in this guide are based on my own experience in more than a decade of providing world class SEO solutions to small, medium and global web clients.

Download the Site Manager’s Guide to Analytics and Site Health