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Search Industry Speaker

Alan Bleiweiss has spoken at private events, mastermind workshops and top search conferences over the years, including  Blueglass, SMX, and Pubcon events (multiple of each), as well as other great conferences around the U.S. such as StateOfSearch, DigitalSummit PHX, and many others…

Additionally he’s spoken at local and regional business events around the country, presented to and trained enterprise client search marketing teams, individuals and up-and-coming SEO professionals and agency teams over the past decade.


Pubcon SpeakerIf you would like to have a dynamic, educational and no-bs speaker who can deliver real value to your conference or mastermind group, please contact us regarding Alan’s availability and room setup requirements.


Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

Swivel Conference, Bend OR – October 9-11, 2016

……..Technical SEO / Audits (90 minute panel, two speakers)

State of Search, Dallas TX – November 14-15, 2016

……..Human Emotion through Algorithmic Eyes


Past Industry Speaking Engagements


WebPromoExperts Virtual SEO Conference – August 19, 2016

……..Identifying, Evaluating and Putting the right Data to Use in SEO
10:15AM PDT

SLCSEM DMC Pre-Conference Workshop – August 24, 2016

……..6 Hour workshop – Taking SEO to a New Level in 2016 & Beyond

SLCSEM/DMC – August 25 – 26, 2016

……..SEO Tasking Goals – Where + When to Compromise

Webcology Interview Thursday, May 19, 2016

……..Interviewed on-air by Jim Hedger & Dave Davies


Search Talk Live Full Hour Interview April 2016

……..One-On-One (recording is here )


Sustainable SEO Webinar (Over 1 hour) December 2015

……..Hosted by WebPromoExperts


State of Search November 2015

……..Advanced Ranking Factor Relationships


Pubcon Vegas October 2015

…….. SEO Audits Panel

……..Moderator, Site Reviews Panel


Vertical Measures Guest Expert Lecture 2015

……..Half-Day Corporate “All-Hands-On-Deck” lecture on advanced SEO & Marketing

AuthorityLabs Video July 2015

Over 1 hour long Experts Interview where Michelle Stinson Ross asks Annie Cushing and about Site Audits

Digital Summit Phoenix February 2015

…….. SEO Audits (as part of the Advanced Search & SEO Strategies afternoon session) February 4th

…….. Trends in Search & Social February 5th morning Roundtable


Pubcon Vegas 2014

…….. SEO Audits Panel

……..Site Reviews Panel


Pubcon Vegas 2013

…….. How To Perform SEO Audits panel

…….. Interactive Site Reviews panel  (Moderator)

…….. Brand & Reputation Management Strategies panel

…….. In House SEO Strategies panel


Interactivity Digital South Beach, Miami


SFIMA Pubcon Summit 2013 Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Pubcon NOLA 2013


Bisnar-Chase Law Firm Mastermind Seminar 2013


Raleigh, NC Technical SEO Meetup – (Virtual Telecast via Google+) 2013


Sustainable SEO Webinar  2012 hosted by Vertical Measures


Pubcon Vegas 2012


Blueglass LA 2012


Pubcon Vegas 2011


SMX East 2011


SMX Advanced 2011


Blueglass Florida 2010


Slide Decks From Past Speaking Engagements

The Jump to Sustainable SEO Models (Webinar 12/2015)

Advanced Ranking Factor Relationships (StateOfSearch 2015)

The Art & Science of SEO Audits (Pubcon Vegas 2015)

Mastering Strategic SEO Audits (Digital Summit 2015 Phoenix)

SEO Audits (Pubcon Vegas 2014)

How to Perform SEO Audits (Pubcon Vegas 2013)

In House SEO Strategies (Pubcon Vegas 2013)

SEO Brass Tacks – Getting SEO Right (Interactivity Digital 2013)

Social Media for SEO – Top Ten Improvements (SFIMA 2013)

Sustainable SEO – Critical Thinking Required (B/C Mastermind Workshop March 2013)

Online Reputation Warfare Slide Deck (Pubcon 2012)

Google Took Your Keywords Away Slide Deck (Blueglass LA 2012)

Local Search Marketing for Enterprise Slide Deck (Blueglass Florida 2010)


Media Coverage of Alan’s Public Speaking Early Years

November 9, 2012 Kaitlin Hawkins takeaways from my Sustainable SEO Webinar over on Advice Interactive

April 24, 2012 Blueglass LA Google Took Your Keywords Away liveblog on Blueglass.com

September 13, 2011 SMX East Top Ten Takeaways from my Google Survivor Tips presentation on the Google Survivor Tips Panel

September 13, 2011 SMX East Google Survivor Tips Revisited Liveblog on BruceClay.com

September 13, 2011 SMX East Google Survivor Tips coverage on Search Engine Roundtable

September 13, 2011 SMX East Google Survivor Tips coverage on Search Mojo

June 9, 2011 SEO Case Study

Brafton News extrapolation of one aspect of my SMX Advanced presentation, where they call attention to the fact that for my presentation, Alan reviewed fifteen sites, that combined have a total of over seven million pages indexed at Google, while those same sites had only a total of 740,000 pages indexed at Bing.

June 8, 2011 Five SEO tips from SMX Advanced

Brafton News coverage of the Google Survivor Panel Alan was on during SMX Advance in Seattle

June 8, 2011 Google Survivor Tips Liveblog by Lisa Barone

We <3 The Lisa.  She’s got the willingness to liveblog even when nobody shows her any food-love during her liveblogging.  So that morning Alan gave her a chocolate bar.  Not as a bribe to be nice in her covering his session.  Because she needs all the food-love she can get during search conferences.

June 8, 2011 Google Survivor Tips Recap

Click2Rank’s coverage of Alan’s session at Advanced.