Places I Have Lived

Places I Have Lived Around The World

I have been, by nature, a nomad most of my adult life. My craving to experience new places, people, cultures and insights has always driven me to being curious about what life might be like “somewhere else”.

Not because I can’t be happy in one place. Instead, out of a sense of adventure and curiosity.  So I have, many times, thought “I wonder what life is like in _______”. Instead of taking a vacation like “normal” people, I’ve often thought “Why not go and live there for a year?”.

This has allowed me to truly get to taste the local experience. Sure, sometimes it doesn’t work out. So a few times I’ve bailed after a few months. Other times, I’ve stayed more than a year. Or a few years.

Most Epic Places I Have Lived

  • 17 Months at the beach in Encinitas (north San Diego). My living room view was the beach and ocean horizon.
  • 17 months two blocks from Santa Monica Pier
  • 1.5 Years in Wurzburg, Germany
  • 1 Year 300 steps from the beach in Kailua, Oahu

I present to you here, the list of places I’ve lived, so far.

All of the towns and cities I have lived

Note that this list is in a rough sequential order, not accounting for the many times I have moved back to Huntington where I grew up, or the multiple times I have lived in San Rafael. And now that, at the time I am writing this page, I’ll be moving back to Encinitas again!