SEO Audits & Consulting

Spreadsheet showing 500% revenue growth from organic traffic over a four year span with ongoing consulting from me.While I presently offer (to select clients as my limited time permits) SEO consulting services, I have been involved in web marketing for a while.

Web Development Early Years

I have been an internet professional since January, 1995. The very first time I was shown the World Wide Web that day, in a cabin in Felton, California, I knew right then, that the internet was the future, and that it would be my career.

That month, I created the first version site for Thunderbird Real Estate in Santa Cruz, California.  That site was one of only a dozen real estate sites in the entire U.S. at the time, and the 1st in California to showcase an entire listing database.

Spanning the first several years of my career, I had the privilege of directing a team of 20 responsible for the development and deployment of some of the most prestigious sites in the world.  As just one example, our team at ANT Internet (as it was known back then), built out the first full eCommerce site for Macy’s among other retailers. I, personally, was the architect for the nation’s first ever Yellow Pages site for the greater New York area. This included a completely custom business model for selling ad space and upsells on listings.  Other big web clients  we served included Publishers Clearing House, Weight Watchers International, Hill and Knowlton, Porter Novelli, and the American Heart Association as just some examples.

Search Engine Optimization Takes Hold

In 2000, I began exploring SEO at the request of a web client.  By 2006, my work shifted almost exclusively into SEO and I was on my way to building a team to meet the SEO needs of the agency I worked for at the time, Websight Design, Inc.

Logo for my SEO services when I called the offering 'Hey Dude Where's My Site'
One of my various logos over the years.


By 2012, I was offering SEO audits and related advanced consulting exclusively.

World Class SEO Clients

Though I’ve served hundreds of clients over the years, some of my most well recognized clients in the SEO audit & consulting arena include:

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • NBC/Universal
  • Disney
  • Carlos Santana
  • Sammy Hagar
  • Budget Direct Insurance

Speaking Engagements

Over the years, from 2009 through 2019, I spoke at countless search industry conferences around the U.S., some multiple times. It was an honor to have been invited, and to give to others freely.

Some of the more well known conferences I’ve spoken at include:

  • Pubcon Vegas, Florida, New Orleans
  • SEJ eSummit
  • SMX Advanced Seattle, WA
  • SMX East New York
  • SLC-SEM Salt Lake City, UT
  • State of Search — Dallas, TX
  • Swivel Conference — Bend, Oregon

Pandemic Shift

The pandemic impacted all of society to varying degrees. For me, it caused a seismic shift, and in fact, was one of the most difficult periods of my professional career.  What’s come from it is that I need to be much more careful in choosing the clients I work with — it really needs to resonate with me at the core. If not, I’m probably not a right fit for the project.

Projects I choose need to have fixed parameters, not be open-ended. They need to be able to unfold over a period of time, and not be rushed.  So no “our business is failing, can you save us?” type scenarios.   And I can’t take on every client that even does meet my parameters. I need to devote more time to life itself. Return to the balance.  I ended up pushing myself too much the past couple years while the world was upside down, and it took a toll. A toll on my relationships, on my ability to bring 100% of myself to life and work.

So now, I’m intentionally limiting my availability more than ever.

Hire Me

If you would like to speak with me about your SEO needs, or overall marketing strategy, I’d be happy to speak with you and see if we might be a good fit.

Other Resources

If I am not available to provide my services to you, here are a few of the most trusted people/agencies I’ve had the blessing to work with in recent years. All are fully capable of the work they provide.

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(904) 742‑6477

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