Site Owners Guide to SEO for Content Writing is now a Free Download

Site Owners Guide to SEO for Content Writing

After three years of strong sales, I’ve decided it was time to make The Site Owners Guide to SEO for Content Writing a free download!  No cost, no newsletter sign-up, no annoying “give me your email address so I can spam you” forms!

 Newly Revised for 2014

If you weren’t aware of it, earlier this year I revised the guide to ensure it was up to date, and reflects the most current thinking in regards to best practices for SEO for content writing.

In reality, not much needed to change.  Because contrary to all the hype about how Google is always changing the rules, well, not much really has changed over the past three years.  At least in regard to the rules for content specific SEO.

Why Free? Why Now?

As each year passes, more and more site owners, site managers, SEOs and agencies come to me for audits.

Since my audit work is all about identifying unnatural patterns within any single audit I perform, it was only natural that three years of audit data was itself going to reveal patterns.

And every year, I consistently find that content issues abound.  Abuse of keyword stuffing, extremely thin content, lack of topical focus are all common thread issues.

Couple that reality with my belief that education is as vital to my work as anything else I do, and it just made sense to finally say — enough already!  Here — just take this handy guide with dozens of actionable recommendations specific to content, and go start cleaning up your sites!

Of course, SEO really is a very complex process, so this guide won’t ever be a replacement for the forensic audit work I perform.  Yet for the most fundamental issues sites need to address, it’s an excellent and handy resource.

So go ahead already, and download the Site Owners guide to SEO for Content Writing.  Now that it’s free, you really have no more excuses!

Not Convinced? Even when it’s Free?

If for some odd reason, you’re not convinced you need this guide, check out the details on what’s included, read what industry experts say about it and then, maybe you’ll realize it’s really worth the read!

Our New Blog!

After a couple years of not having a blog on our site, we’ve decided it’s time to change things up.  Alan no longer has the kind of time he used to for writing articles when he was regularly writing for Search Engine Journal and Search Marketing Wisdom, however every once in a while a topic really deserves to be discussed at length and he felt it best to do so right here on our company site.

So while content may not appear hear on a regular basis, you can be sure that when it does, it will be something Alan is truly passionate about.  Topics will often be SEO related, and specific to the audit process, however it’s just as likely that he’ll want to include posts about a wider range of subjects he’s passionate about including branding in general and personal brand building, running a consulting business, or who knows what his mind will come up with!

You can also expect us to post announcements in the coming months about a new project Alan has been working on where he’s somehow finding time after hours to create an entire SEO Training series.   Exciting times!