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After a couple years of not having a blog on our site, we’ve decided it’s time to change things up.  Alan no longer has the kind of time he used to for writing articles when he was regularly writing for Search Engine Journal and Search Marketing Wisdom, however every once in a while a topic really deserves to be discussed at length and he felt it best to do so right here on our company site.

So while content may not appear hear on a regular basis, you can be sure that when it does, it will be something Alan is truly passionate about.  Topics will often be SEO related, and specific to the audit process, however it’s just as likely that he’ll want to include posts about a wider range of subjects he’s passionate about including branding in general and personal brand building, running a consulting business, or who knows what his mind will come up with!

You can also expect us to post announcements in the coming months about a new project Alan has been working on where he’s somehow finding time after hours to create an entire SEO Training series.   Exciting times!

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Alan Bleiweiss

Alan Bleiweiss is a professional SEO consultant specializing in forensic audits, related consulting, client and agency training, and speaking to audiences of all sizes on all things SEO.

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