Forensic SEO and Web Tech Expert Witness Victory

Over the past several years, I’ve been hired by various companies to perform forensic investigations in regard to SEO, analytics, and domain ownership issues.  In each case, my work has been able to help my clients quickly resolve legal cases and avoid costly and time consuming court proceedings.

False Evidence Appearing Real — Until I Showed Up

Last month I was called on for these services once again, by a web design and development company in New York.  They were being sued by a former client for a situation that took place way back in 2010.

My investigation was able to address false claims made by the plaintiff regarding Google Analytics data & what that data implied.  I was also able to trace and uncover historic domain ownership and domain manipulation related evidence that was essentially the “smoking gun” disproving the plaintiff’s allegations.

[ Shout out to the amazing capabilities of DomainTools — an invaluable resource for digital forensic work. ]

Once I pulled all the data together, put all the puzzle pieces in place, and provided my client with my findings, which could then be entered into official evidence, the case quickly settled. Literally a couple days before I was going to take the witness stand.

Because of the work I did, my client sent me a testimonial and it’s by far the most amazing testimonial I’ve ever received…

One Amazing Client Testimonial

“In my opinion, there is no finer forensic expert specializing in the field of internet and web technology than Alan Bleiweiss. I hired Alan to assist my firm in performing digital investigative work in a legal case involving web hosting, DNS and site analytics involving historical data going back more than five years. His approach was methodical and his ingenuity and knowledge of internet science produced irrefutable case-changing evidence that was unknown to us previously.

Alan really went the extra mile on our behalf to turn the tide of the legal case in our favor. Based on our experience I would dub, Alan Bleiweiss, the “Sherlock Holmes” of web and SEO forensics. His diligence and determination saved our company potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I would tell anyone seeking the services of a forensic expert in legal matters or any matter related to SEO, the internet or web development who requires an unbiased expert to research, report and testify on these topics to make Bleiweiss Consulting their first and probably only call!

I can’t thank Alan enough for bringing all the puzzle pieces together and connecting all the digital dots in a way that made even a novice able to easily understand the strength of our position.

I firmly believe that Alan’s passion, commitment and integrity are the reason web experts and legal advocates the world over seek out his service. I consider my company very fortunate indeed that we found someone to assist us with his impeccable credentials and experience.”

Bruce Safran
Outsource Marketing Solutions, Inc.


Wow.  That’s some powerful stuff.  And it reaffirms how much I love doing the work I do, and how much joy I derive from helping clients.