Life, the past few years, has been a challenge unlike any I’ve dealt with previously. Not from childhood, or when I was in the Army, or living on my own or married, or anything in my many decades in business.  Not like any regarding relationships I’ve ever experienced.

For me, the impact (to me, and to those I interact with in life) was so heavy, so deep, so jarring, it was time for a reset.

There’s some talk out in the world about how there’s a big reset overall going on in society.

It’s being called “The Great Resignation”.

I’m not going to go into what that’s all about.

For me, I’m mid-process of a reset. We’ll see where it leads.  It’s yet one more time I get to go out into the world,  and see where I’m led.  Adventure time.

Oh. Also, I’ll just say this site isn’t an ego-testical me-fest trip. It’s a public record of some of my most blessed moments.

Moments that arose from the ashes of my childhood.

That’s heavy.  And no, it’s not overly dramatic. It’s pragmatic. Personal. Insightful. Genuine. Honest.

I’ve been vocal for many years that I came from a place of drug addiction and despair. I’ve done so as a warning to those who might be suffering that their suffering may get worse. And as a point of hope. For those who might wonder if they can come up, out of the depths of hell.

This site, now, is just one reflection, of one aspect, of my truth. A truth like other people’s truths.

It’s not all perfect utopia.

Yet there can be amazing experiences along the way.

That’s what my book is supposed to be about. Lessons I’ve learned.

Lessons on how to not mess up quite so much. How to experience more. How to reach for goals. How to deal with pitfalls along the way.

So maybe, one day, the book will be ready. Ready for others to read, in its entirety.  Maybe not.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to talk with anybody about life topics, within some very broad range.