About Our Company

Alan Bleiweiss Consulting is a specialized SEO company – we don’t pretend to know all things for all situations.  Instead, we focus on what we know best.  SEO. Yet we also understand that SEO is truly the attempt by search engines to emulate user experience, through formulaic methods.

So while our focus is SEO, the foundation is user experience from a marketing perspective. And our roots are in web development, marketing strategy and communications.

SEO has grown and become more complex over the years – to the point where more and more site owners were coming to us for help, until it reached a point where our founder, Alan Bleiweiss, came to realize the best thing we could do to help the most clients was to shift our focus from being a full service SEO provider to a company that offers SEO audits, related consulting, and training.

A Company Built On Sustainable Concepts

Sustainability is not limited to the environment.  It can also be applied to business in general and SEO specifically.  Where so many sites experience roller coaster performance from organic search rankings, sustainable SEO focuses on the goal of stability and long-term value without the severe ups and downs of a more myopic short-term “grab what you can until you’re hit” model.

Because this is the core tenet of our beliefs, it’s the strength of our business offerings.  And sustainability is so important to us that we always base our work on ensuring our recommendations or teaching helps our clients get ever closer to a truly long-term value experience.

Professional SEO Audits

Most agencies or consultants who offer SEO services do so without taking the time to perform a proper audit.  Instead, based on their client’s desire to “just get it done”, they jump into the process based on a core understanding of the first few issues they find that need to be addressed, or based on a predetermined “SEO services package”.

Unfortunately, without a proper audit, SEO is more likely to be a hit and miss experience.  Or worse, the work that’s performed isn’t going to get the kind of results necessary for a site to overcome its unique challenges.

This is why a proper SEO audit is vital.  And this is why we specialize in audits.  Because even if your in-house team or outside vendor understands SEO in general, its only when a proper audit is performed and a prioritized action plan is created that they’ll know exactly where to focus and allocate resources.

Highly Competitive Audit Pricing

While our audit pricing model may look to some site owners and managers as very expensive, it’s actually highly competitive – a number of high visibility agencies in our industry charge two, three and five times as much as we do.  We don’t believe there’s a need to charge such fees for the work that we do, because we don’t have any of the overhead most others carry.

And unlike most agencies, we don’t task junior people on our team with doing the actual audit work either (so if you do consider them, ask who’s going to do the analysis and recommendations, and get that in writing!). With us, you get Alan Bleiweiss, the expert – not just overseeing someone else, but in fact, doing all of the analysis, making all of the recommendations and participating directly in all client interaction.  And we believe that matters more than anything.

SEO Consulting, Training and Speaking

In addition to our specializing in audits, we can also offer consulting services after an audit is performed, or if you just need a go-to adviser when it comes to high level SEO concepts.  In that case, we can be there for you as needed in a way that makes the most sense to your goals.  Whether its in an ongoing consulting capacity, or to provide advanced SEO training, we will be there for you for the long haul.

And if you are looking for a dynamic, energetic and well versed speaker for an upcoming conference or mastermind group, you definitely want to consider Alan among the top people on your “must have” list.  With his unique experience in business and in life, he brings the raw honesty, passion and consistent energy necessary to deliver a powerful punch to any speaking situation he’s in.