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Since January of 1995, Alan Bleiweiss has been providing Internet marketing solutions to clients across the United States and around the world.

Some of out top clients include: Disney, Liberty Mutual, Ugg,, FTD, Union Bank, Petco, NBC Universal, and

Our primary focus is helping clients who either already know they need serious help improving their organic search visibility or aren’t sure and want to find out.

Sustainable SEO Audit Services

The single most effective way we can help ensure you are on the right track is through performing sustainable SEO audits.

The need for a proper SEO audit is even more important if your site has been hit with a Google Penalty. This is why most of our audits these days are tailored for such situations through our penalty recovery services.

While we do not offer free audits, our audit pricing is based on size & scale of site, plus complexity of your unique challenges.

SEO Consulting Services

When needed, we also help clients by providing as-needed SEO Consulting services to ensure that process meets our stringent quality standards.

Whether it’s a quick one-hour consult, or you need an extra mind applied to a project you’re working on, we can be your off-site guide and an extra set of eyes for Quality Assurance testing with your SEO.

Outsourced SEO Consulting to Agencies

We offer outsourced audits and consulting to agencies, to help fill in the gaps with your existing capabilities, at reduced rates.

If you are looking to learn about the art of SEO, consider hiring Alan for custom-tailored SEO Training services. To maximize his time, its best if you have everyone on your team present during a training session.

If you are conducting a business or marketing workshop, Alan is available as a professional speaker, or if you are planning a mastermind conference he can perform an extended presentation and training session that lasts anywhere from four to twelve hours.

Whatever your unique situation, Alan Bleiweiss Consulting can help take you to the next level in organic SEO.

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 4 reviews
 by Dat To
Company: Dat To » Sole Proprietor
Title: SEO Consultant

Alan is in the top 1% of SEO professionals and is such a good man. So many of us look up to him in the Search Industry.

He’s extremely humble and generous with his time to help less experienced SEOs advance further in their careers.

He works on the largest and most complicated sites. Solving problems at scale.

He’s so focused on creating value for his clients. His forensic SEO audits are of the highest quality in the industry.

After he goes through a client’s site, he can determine what is broken and what the gaps are from the competitors.

He can recommend solutions with the largest impact with the lowest effort or use of resources.

Prioritizing implementation in a way that makes sense for the organic search growth that translates to increased sales revenue.

 by Kirill Kronrod
Company: Upwork
Title: Director, SEO

I have had a privilege of working with Alan on the SEO audit of our site for the past few months.

Alan and his team delivered detailed and actionable recommendations spanning Content, Technical, design, user experience and analytics that helped us improve our strategy and validate things we already had on our roadmap.

Alan is a pleasure to work with and I’ve learned a lot from him, even though I’ve been in the industry for many years.

Thank you!!

 by Jimmy Fritz
Company: Kennedy Blue
Title: CEO

I have worked with Alan for several years on multiple websites. He is the best SEO expert I’ve worked with.

He has an in-depth knowledge of what needs to happen to improve a website’s rankings on search engines. His audits provide detailed information and directions on how to improve SEO. His consulting is helpful for novice and advanced SEO teams.

Alan’s recommendations increased our organic traffic, plus improved our overall customer experience. Alan reviewed our customer journey and helped us develop a plan to improve each step.

 by Don Fitchett
Company: Business Industrial Network
Title: President

Alan is the most knowledgeable SEO consultant I have met in 25 years. His report was so detailed, revealed so much our in-house SEO did not catch. The things we knew or suspected, he was able to give us a solid plan to fix.