Alan’s Great Adventure

My favorite sunset - Encinitas, California

Transitioning Career

After many years working as an SEO consultant, I’m making the shift back to in-house work. The business is a new (start-up) residential addiction detox & rehab facility.  This is a life-changing shift for me, and it’s the most spot-on alignment I’ve ever experienced.

I’ve never been shy about the fact I’m a recovering addict (17 years clean as of October 2021).  Bringing my life experience, SEO experience, and overall internet marketing experience to this opportunity is humbling and beyond my wildest dreams.

Life Outside Work

This web site is going to primarily be focused on my life outside of work. Recounting the many places I’ve lived, traveled to, gotten to experience. So don’t expect to find anything significant about SEO or online marketing.

Instead, you may find inspiration to explore, or go on your own adventures.  I highly encourage everyone to go out into the world and taste, first-hand, what other places, people, cultures and sights there are, beyond what you may have known so far.