Sustainable SEO Audits

Is your site properly optimized? Only a real-deal, genuine, sustainable, SEO Audit can determine that.

How confident are you that you’re maximizing your organic presence in search engines?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not rocket science. It is, however, search science. And too, being found in Google & Bing for your most important phrases / topics is as much an art form these days. True SEO audits ensure the art and science of SEO are applied properly.

If you are not sure your site is at its best when it comes to proper, advanced SEO, for maximum visibility when it matters most, I can help. A quality site audit is invaluable for this.

If you have suffered losses due to what is or appears to have been a Google algorithm update or a Google penalty, I can help. Only a proper site audit can prioritize tasking for maximum value.

With over 26 years (at the time I write this) experience working in the internet world (created my first site in January of 1995, managed countless web builds over the years, & began working in SEO in 2000), my understanding of and experience helping clients with SEO can identify the most important weaknesses, missed opportunities, and potential scenarios for proper organic site growth.


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 12 reviews
 by Dennis Goedegebuure
Company: Fanatics Inc
Title: VP Growth & SEO

Alan helped us at Fanatics to get a second pair of eyes on our migration process. His work was very valuable to get the team thinking about strategic infrastructure changes which were needed to make the SEO migration successful.

 by Chris Yackulic
Company: Android Headlines
Title: CEO

I used Alan’s services twice and would not hesitate to ever call upon him again, his SEO Audit services helped me build my business to millions of users. He is professional, data driven, extremely detailed and uncovers your sites real Seo issues with detailed in-depth auditing on scale that very few others in the business could ever come close to. Alan is World renowned for his SEO Auditing Services and Consulting, his knowledge of the industry is second to none by his Peers, SEO Community and the results for his clients. If you are looking for best SEO audit, don’t think twice you have found the right professional for the job.

 by Michael G
Company: Mold Busters
Title: CEO

Alan has one of the most extensive knowledge in SEO industry and helped us tremendously with guidance and support, THANK YOU!

 by Bob Anderson
Company: BigSteelBox
Title: Marketing Director

I’m a way better marketer after working with Alan! The first audit he did for us in July 2016 was a breath of fresh air. The work was in-depth, insightful and actionable. Alan’s recommendations provided the framework for a site relaunch in January of 2017 and since then our Organic traffic has grown significantly. (I’d rather not say exactly how much, but my boss is pleased!)

 by Patrick Hartoonian
Title: Director of SEO

I’ve learned more from Alan’s audits than I have anywhere else. The expertise he brings to the table focuses specifically on how he can provide extra value. He cuts through the fluff and clarifies any misinformation that’s out there.

He’s been plugged into the right sources for decades and continues to deliver extraordinary results time and time again. His consistency is astounding and he’s an absolute pleasure to work with.

Considering how long Alan has been doing audits, you would think his name would be synonymous with SEO audits by now. There just isn’t anyone better.

 by Nathan Baker
Company: GO Green Enterprises Incorporated
Title: SEO

I have over 6 years of SEO experience but the two websites I work on are large and very technical. Alan’s expertise has been pivotal to our success. His recommendations helped contribute to 50–100% growth in organic traffic over about 6 months. Results aside, it’s a pleasure to interact with Alan. He’s very positive and interesting.

 by Janet Hundertmark
Company: Pro Sound and Stage Lighting
Title: CFO

Over the years we have had several companies consult with us to provide SEO services. These companies had great sales people s but failed to deliver the results they promised. A business associate referred us to Alan and after several discussions we decided to “try again”. Alan is the real deal. He delivered far more than we expected. After 8 months we continue to show results from the work he has done for us. Alan’s approach created a prioritization for us that allowed us to make changes based on time, cost and expected results. We have seen consistent increases in our organic traffic since we began to make the needed changes.

Alan is refreshing in today’s business climate because he tells it how it is. He isn’t going to tell you what you want to hear, he provides a detailed honest assessment based on his years of experience and we have found him to be right on the mark. I highly recommend Alan and the service he provides and will continue to use him in the future.

 by Dave Roberts
Company: American City Business Journals
Title: VP Of Engineering

Alan totally turned our ship around! His analysis of our site and its SEO health was quick, thorough and designed to help us make decisions. Within months of receiving his report and taking action we saw vast improvement in how Google recognized and presented our publications. We’ve been trending upwards in traffic coming from search for the past 4 months. Alan is thoughtful, attentive and generous with his time and expertise.

 by Noah Rubinstein
Title: Founder and CEO

Hiring Alan was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my company. After making all the changes Alan recommended as part of the SEO Audit he did for us in 2015, our site traffic more than doubled. When you consider we are now getting far over 2mil monthly uniques as a result of Alan’s work, the ROI math is easy.

In addition to providing results, Alan has the unique combination of being brilliant and easy to understand. A sincerely nice guy, it’s been a true pleasure to work with him.

 by David Sinick
Company: Paleohacks
Title: CEO

I am so happy that I found Alan. In a world of people who over promise, under deliver, or oversell their skills and experience — Alan is truly a master of his craft and was extremely helpful in putting together our direction for SEO in 2017. I feel confident that his suggestions for improvement will help us significantly — and I will continue to work with him until he forces me not to!

Alan was extremely generous with his time and was able to explain things in amazingly simple terms, which was a wonderful, refreshing experience. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for SEO help on your website.

 by Arsen Rabinovich
Company: LLC
Title: Founder

Being a smaller agency, we sometimes run into capacity issues and need to offload some of our work. I only trust a handful of SEO experts to do this for my brand and my clients; Alan is always at the top of my list (and would be the only one on it if he wasn’t so busy).

His audits are detailed, to the point, data driven, no fluff. I get an extensive write up with actionable insights that are supported by data and are easy to understand. Once delivered, I spend about an hour (sometimes more) on a call (or if I’m fortunate enough to be in the same zip code with him, over dinner) to go over his findings.

There is no one in this industry who I trust more with my clients!

 by Kristi D
Company: Manufacturing
Title: Interactive Marketing Manager

We had a site redesign go live that had a big drop in sales along with 10%-20% drop in organic traffic. After working on it with my team for over 9 months and not seeing enough improvement, Alan posted about a discount on his audit fees and I was able to get the budget approved by management and sign up. Having him go through the site was invaluable. He found things we missed and helped set a guideline on what our outsourced programming team should work on, since hours can be limited. We now feel confident that we can improve with Alan’s suggestions. Additionally, his one-on-one time on the phone was invaluable. With his knowledge about SEO and impeccable customer service, I would recommend his services to any large or small business wanting to do better in organic search.