SEO Audit Pricing & Consulting Rates

Cartoon about how many things in SEO require a response of 'it depends'So. What does it cost to get a proper, sustainable, SEO audit?

It depends!

That answer is used frequently in true SEO, and too, for audits, because there are so many factors that go into what it takes to deliver a well researched, prioritized audit findings document and accompanying task-based action plan.

Free SEO Audits

I don’t offer free SEO audits. Why? Because a free audit is almost always going to be hit-or-miss. Maybe it covers what’s most important. Maybe not. Maybe it includes custom content to your unique situation and needs. Maybe not. The potential, for a free site audit to provide you with the best actionable tasking, is very low though.

A true audit takes hours of research, evaluation, and testing.

A real audit requires experience. Not necessarily for your specific industry or niche. Yet in actual, advanced SEO understanding. And while experience alone does not guarantee a quality resulting deliverable, with a paid audit, you’re paying for that advanced research, evaluation process and more. You’re also paying for a highly customized, uniquely tailored deliverable for your needs.

SEO Audit Pricing — My Rates

SEO audit pricing and rates

*Page Count:
Page count based on site: estimation

Additional fee may apply based on existing Google penalties

Additional Domains / Subdomains:
Additional fee may apply If other client owned sites / subdomains are integral to main site.

UP-FRONT Discount
All clients who pay in full, up front, receive a 10% discount

Hourly Consulting Rates

For hourly consulting, whether it’s specific to SEO or more broad marketing consulting, I charge a flat rate of $250 an hour, with discounts applied for multi-hour contracts.