Benefits of a Sustainable SEO Audit

Regardless of whether you’ve got an existing web site or have plans to launch a new one, an SEO Audit provides many benefits. Whether your site has only a few pages or 50,000 pages, SEO audits should be performed at least twice a year, and sometimes more often, depending on your unique situation and business goals.

Year over Year improvements after SEO audit

After an SEO audit, organic search visits for the example site in this graphic, were up 248.75% year over year.

SEO Audits for New Web Sites

Learn what it will really take to compete in your market
Learn what your real online market opportunity is
Learn whether your site plan is truly complete
Learn whether you’ll need a supporting blog
Learn what the best social media strategy is for your situation
Learn how to proactively address online reputation management

SEO Audits for Existing Web Sites

Learn the true health status of your online presence
Learn whether or not your site is optimized at the code level
Learn whether or not your site is optimized at the content level
Learn the health status of inbound links necessary for building site authority
Learn how you can increase relevant keyword rankings
Learn how you can improve site visitor lead or sales conversions
Learn how you can improve your existing social media presence
Learn how to address online reputation management

Sustainable SEO Action Plans

With a properly prepared and well thought out SEO website audit, you’ll have a document detailing all of the above. Yet even with a quality audit, you still don’t know everything there is to know when it comes to resolving those issues the audit uncovered, what to fix and in what order, or even how much time, energy and resources you need to invest in those. Because of this, most SEO audits just leave you more confused and frustrated than ever.

Every SEO audit we conduct addresses that by including a comprehensive SEO Action Plan. A detailed breakdown on the exact steps you’ll need to take in order to address every item and issue uncovered in the audit process. Only then will you have a true analysis.

Your SEO Action Plan will include:

Specific recommendations on addressing code level issues
Specific recommendations on addressing site navigation issues
Specific recommendations on Keyword Refinement, Grouping and Seeding
Specific recommendations on content depth, breadth and focus
Specific recommendations on automating SEO when it makes sense to do so
Specific recommendations on Quality Authority building inbound link strategies

Note About Implementation Results:

Even when you implement every recommendation we suggest, we still cannot guarantee specific results. Unfortunately, this is the nature of SEO and the fact that search engines retain strictly private control over their exact ranking methods and algorithms. However, we believe our experience based process, combined with our deep understanding of the concepts within SEO as related to user experience seen through search engine lenses, allows us to provide clients with the best chances for improvements.