What to Expect

Screenshot of a client's google Analytics year over year organic growth. 95% user incresae. 51% revenue increase.

Many people claim to offer SEO audits. Many among those who do, fall short.

Either it’s pure boiler-plate from automated tools, lacking any educational component, or any custom insight unique to your situation, or it covers a lot of waste-of-time recommendations that are not going to provide efficient maximized outcomes.

A proper, sustainable SEO audit like those I offer, is leaps and bounds better.  It will show you what the serious issues are. Prioritize them. Then provide step-by-step tasks to resolve those issues.

What’s Included – Evaluation / Prioritized Recommendation Tasking

In my audits, I review all aspects of SEO. I then include in my deliverable, those issues I found to be very important, likely to be important, or quick-fix clean-up necessary for sustainable success. I show examples of those issues from your site, explain why they are important, and then provide step by step tasking to resolve those issues.

What's Coverd In An SEO Audit

Educational Effort

A core aspect of my audit work is to help educate you and anyone you have working on your site.  The better I can be at educating why issues are important, and how to identify unnatural patterns, the better you and those working on the site can be at your own work in the future.


Follow-Up Consulting

After delivery of the audit, you’re entitled to up to four additional hours of SEO consulting time so I can answer questions that may arise once you read the audit doc, and guide you and your team during the implementation effort. Then, as you need it, I can come in and check to see if the work that has been done, has been done properly.  After that, I am happy to answer future questions at no additional charge, by email, if they’re kept within a reasonable volume/frequency.


What’ Not Included 

I no longer do the actual implementation work. I have more than enough work from audits and strategy consulting.  However I can either guide you or someone else at your company, or instead, I can recommend other individual consultants or agencies who can do the work.


Audit Pricing

A proper audit will start around $5,000 for small to medium-sized sites, and go up from there.  Check out my Pricing and Costs page to learn more.

I require 50% up front, with the remainder due on delivery of the prioritized action plan.  Alternately, I offer an additional 10% discount for those clients who pay in full, up front.


Deliverable Turnaround — Current Project Driven

Audit deliverables are based on how many other contracts I already have in process, as well as how many others come in and get signed before yours, which can alter turnaround time.  And timing also depends on how deep I need to go down the investigative rabbit hole.