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Alan BleiweissIf you are looking for  world class SEO audits and consulting services, my many years of experience serving direct clients and agencies, including some of the biggest sites in the world, may be just what you need to get your site to the next level.

It’s been an amazing and blessed journey already, yet simultaneously it’s as much a culmination of more than three decades in business management across several industries.


Internet Marketing Solutions Since 1995

My web consulting history goes back to January of 1995, where I created the first comprehensive database driven real estate site in the State of California*.

Some of my most notable early clients include Publishers ClearingHouse, Weight Watchers International, Starkist Tuna, Writers Guild of America, Mechanic’s Bank, and Princess Cruises.

SEO specific clients you may be familiar with include Petco, Beats by Dre, Disney, Carlos Santana, and hundreds of other brands of all sizes. I’ve also provided white-label and collaborative solutions to more than forty agency clients around the globe.


Earning my SEO wings

While I’ve been in the industry as long as I have, I’ve ‘only’ been providing search engine optimization services since about late 2000, early 2001.  Those first few SEO projects didn’t go so well, as I was truly lost and hadn’t, at that point in my journey, even been aware that SEO was already fast becoming it’s own niche industry.

Fortunately, I’ve always been determined to learn anything I’m passionate about.  And since SEO goes hand in hand with site building and management, I was driven in my pursuit of the great mystery in front of me.   Where I was blessed in this process is in the fact that so many great people were already fast at work learning and experimenting and implementing strategies and tactics and methods.  And they were starting to share their findings even back then.

And so my journey to learn, absorb, apply, and test all things SEO began.

Reasons for success

Mind you, that last aspect, the testing, is critical to my success.  Because I’ve never just been a drone who does what other people say works.  I have always, for good or bad, had the need to validate or disprove what I’m taught.

Another primary reason for my success is my ability to step into the shoes of my clients and their clients or customers. And when it comes to SEO, if you can’t comprehend how consumers and purchasers think, you’ll never truly succeed.  And if you can’t comprehend the challenges your clients face, you’ll never be able to provide them the best solution for their unique situation.

Another critical factor is that I’m not a purely analytical person – I’m a creative type, and thus I understand that SEO is as much an art form as it is a science.   And because I work in one of the most collegial niche industries on Earth, I get to share my knowledge with, and learn from some of the most amazing, generous, respectful, and fun people imaginable. And that, in turn, benefits not only all of us, but just as much, our clients…



* The first web site I ever created, in January of 1995, was for Thunderbird Real Estate, in Capitola, California. Thunderbird still maintains a successful web presence to this day, though the site has been redesigned and re-vamped countless times over the years as technology and the web evolve. While I personally have not participated in that process in over a decade, I stand proud of the role I played in helping Thunderbird’s team establish themselves in Internet history. Together, we were pioneers on the frontier of a new marketing medium.

Alan Bleiweiss
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