SEO Consulting Services

In addition to providing forensic SEO audits to mid-size and enterprise scale clients, we also offer SEO consulting services to select clients.  Once we’ve completed an audit and provided you with a prioritized action plan, you’re going to need to implement our recommendations if you are to enjoy the benefits that can only come from taking your site to the next level.

Collaborative Consulting

Quite often you will find our audits require major changes to Information Architecture, topical reorganization, or supporting infrastructure.  While it’s possible you’ve got a crack team of developers, coders, content specialists and marketers, and even if you’ve got an in-house SEO team or work with a stellar SEO agency for general implementation, it’s also likely that they will have questions that arise in regard to the best course of action.

Refining The Best Solution

Most of the time this occurs when there might be two or more alternative paths to the perceived same result.  If that’s the case, we can work with your team to help determine the right solution for your unique situation.

Just as often, when it comes to content reorganization, or topical refinement, the work can be much more daunting if you or your team aren’t as skilled as we are in the very fine nuances that come with such tasking.  Here too, you can call upon our services to ensure that you’re not only getting a great road map to success, but also the implementation is truly based on SEO best practices.

In a third scenario, part of the work may require off-site tasking.  From inbound link profile improvements to social media trust signal reinforcement. And here we are happy to help collaborate with your team or outside vendor to ensure once again, that the best services are provided at a very high level of refinement.

Cross-Discipline Expertise

Regardless of your situation or needs, our SEO consulting capabilities are based on more than a decade of proven success within the SEO arena, coupled with several additional years where Alan managed entire web development life cycles, and multi-million dollar comprehensive (multi-channel) marketing campaigns.  So we know how to communicate with everyone involved in a way they understand and appreciate.

SEO Consulting Rates

Depending on availability, our rates for consulting are based on the specific work involved as well as how many hours a particular project requires.  Generally speaking, hourly rates are $250 to $500 an hour, starting on the higher end, with discounts applied to volume engagement. We require a minimum of 10 hours per consulting contract.

If we are not available or if, upon needs-assessment discussion, we believe you would be better served working with someone else who might not charge as high a rate as we do, we recommend you contact one of the individual consultants or agencies listed on our preferred vendor list.

If you would like to speak with us about how we can provide you with best of breed consulting service, please contact us today.