SEO Audits

Have you been hit by an algorithmic penalty, a manual penalty? Just need to get more value from your organic search traffic? Properly executed SEO audits and their related services can get you to that next level.

Dramatic improvements as a results of an SEO audit



Every audit performed is custom tailored to your specific situation.  Generally speaking though, when we provide our SEO audit services, they typically include, but are not necessarily be limited to:

  • Top Keyword Phrase Analysis – Evaluation and assessment of top phrase quality
  • Deep Content Analysis – Content depth and seeding review, cross-page SEO relationship review
  • Code Level Analysis – Under the hood examination of SEO factors
  • Inbound Link Analysis – Review & analysis of your site’s inbound link profile
  • Related Site Analysis – Review of top performing sites in your market
  • Social Media Landscape – Review social media landscape in your market

( For more information read Alan’s article on the anatomy of an SEO Audit part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4)


Forensic Analysis

Our professional SEO audits involve a forensic analysis of your existing web site inside and out.  The primary benefits of an SEO Audit include helping you understand where your site falls short from a search engine indexing and ranking perspective.  They unlock the keys to prospering through people finding your site when they conduct a search at Google, Bing and other search engines and web directories.


SEO Action Plans

While most SEO audits will list many, if not all of the things wrong with your site from a search engine optimization perspective, our audits also include a best practices action plan tailored to your unique situation and market focus.  Every problem area we list and describe in our audits is followed by a tasking recommendation – actionable information that becomes the road map to achieving high organic rankings in Google and other search engines.

It’s one thing to spit out typical things most sites lack in regard to SEO.  It’s another matter altogether to be handed the step by step, prioritized tasks necessary for you to truly achieve long lasting results.  Every audit we write includes an action plan that focuses exclusively on the most important issues based on SEO best practices, tailored to your specific circumstance.  With prioritization to every action item in the plan, this allows you to move forward on the most important tasks first.

This is critical to most business owners and site managers because implementing an entire audit’s action plan can quite often require more time, resources and expense than you might otherwise be able to afford.  Perhaps it’s due to overall financial reality, or departmental budgetary constraints.  Whatever the cause or reason, with one of our audits, you can be sure you’ll have the ability to tackle what you can today, and what to focus on as time and financial resources permit.


Once the audit is completed, we would be happy to discuss the implementation process with you.  Quite often, clients have the ability and resources to implement at least some of the action plan tasking, and in those situations, this would be more of a collaborative process.  If needed, and if scheduling allows, our team may be able to perform those services for you.  Alternately, we are also available to train your staff in many aspects of optimizing content, seeking and obtaining inbound links, and more.

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Audits for almost any site, anywhere in the world

Over the years, many small, mid-size and even global enterprise site owners and managers have hired us to provide them with world class site audits (at surprisingly reasonable rates!). In fact, for the past few years we have averaged between sixty and eighty audits each year.

While you may not need an audit, or you may feel our pricing is outside your budget, we highly encourage you to consider the long-term value a proper audit can provide. Especially when it’s accompanied by top tier support in the form of proper experience-based consulting solutions.

SEO Consulting Services

If you choose to perform action plan recommendations in-house, or work with a 3rd party company or consultant to implement the plan contained in one of our audits, Alan is available to provide ongoing consulting services in order to help facilitate that implementation.  Given his experience in project management, site coding, and content writing you can be sure that we have the capacity to communicate with everyone participating in the process in ways each participant understands.


Note About Implementation Results:

Even when you implement every recommendation we suggest, we still cannot guarantee specific results.  Unfortunately, this is the nature of SEO and the fact that search engines retain strictly private control over their exact ranking methods and algorithms.  However, we believe our experience based process, combined with our deep understanding of the concepts within SEO as related to user experience seen through search engine lenses, allows us to provide clients with the best chances for improvements.