Audits & Consulting for Agencies

Agency client testimonial for white label SEO audit

Do you run a marketing, design, development or search agency?  Need a reliable source for top tier on-site SEO audits?

Maybe you need a high level consultant to provide hourly consulting on a big project you’ve taken on – just to provide that next tier of experience…

Whether you just need someone to step in once in a while when your own resources are maxed out or someone to take on audits for sites beyond your team’s experience level, I’ve been providing white label and one-off contract based audits to agency clients for more than twelve years, and as-needed internet marketing consulting services to agency clients for eighteen years.

Outsourced World Class SEO Knowledge

Enterprise SEO Audit Value

Most agencies that outsource SEO do so to reduce costs, and when they do, it’s typically to another mid level provider, or sadly, to some low budget team that really doesn’t have world class experience.

When you outsource your audits or certain aspects of your consulting to me, you can be sure my more than nineteen years of experience providing professional services solutions to some of the most well known brands in the world will be put to use for your client needs.

What I Don’t Provide

I do not provide implementation services – writing content, assigning keywords to thousands of page titles, link building or any other extensive related work.  My offering is exclusive to high level, strategic effort, planning and dialogue…

Agency Clients Served

Just some of the agencies I’ve provided audits and consulting to over the years include:

  • Alpha Brand Media
  • ANT Internet / Computer Associates International NetHaven division
  • Avalaunch Media
  • Avekta Corporation
  • Black Sheep Web Tech
  • Blueglass Interactive
  • Bothwell Marketing
  • Briona Net & First Avenue™
  • Business Web USA
  • CDG Interactive
  • Click2Rank Consulting
  • Dash Media
  • Digital Design
  • Direct Match Media
  • Downtown ECommerce
  • Hanapin Marketing
  • Hill and Knowlton
  • Invision, LLC
  • LaunchThat
  • Loomis Group
  • Meriam Media
  • Meat and Potatoes Inc
  • Mingle Media
  • Noble Insights
  • Porter Novelli
  • SEER Interactive
  • Summit Marketing
  • Surf The Planet (STP Web)
  • Strive Communications
  • Ten Golden Rules
  • The Cruz Group
  • The Design Group
  • Turnstile SF
  • USWeb/CKS
  • Vertical Measures
  • Vizion Interactive
  • WebSight Design, Inc.
  • Whitecap SEO
  • Yo! Yo! SEO

Work that Meets Your Unique Needs

One of the most important aspects of the work I do for agency clients is in how I tailor that work effort to each agency’s unique situation.

If you need me to provide my service in a white-label process, I can present my audit and action plan doc to you in MS Word format, and then you’re free to brand it with your brand, logo, and standardized style.

Or I can simply take your style template and write my action plan right in that template.

Alternately, once we discuss what my audit docs typically look like, if you need me to include other data or information I don’t typically provide, I’m happy to work with you toward further custom tailoring my work accordingly (pricing may or may not change depending on the extent of that customization).

If you prefer, I’m happy for you to just introduce me to your clients as “our audit guy”.

If you just want to bring me in for some consulting, I am happy to deal only with you and your team, or as an outside consultant included in client discussions, or even as “our go to guy for advanced issues”.

So whatever your needs, contact me today so we can discuss special agency pricing, and how I can help your agency succeed!